Visiting Bogo City


As part of Dompet Dhuafa’s mission on thypoon haiyan in the Philippines, Yesterday, we’re conducting rapid assessment in Bogo City. A city which also reported as the highly impacted by the November 8, 2013 Yolanda Thypoon.

Bogo City is a city at the northern Cebu Island. We’re trying to get information about the recent situation there. According to the people, there’re no casualties in Bogo City. However around hundreds houses was damaged by the thypoon. Resident whose homes were destroyed were setting up a hut near next to their houses. Basic services like electricity and water are still problem. Economic activities, such as trading activities, going well. Access to fuel is also no problem. Generally affected locations can be reached by car. We saw people were trying to recover from the thypoon. Unfortunatelly, but it seems, the government is not giving much attention to the efforts of its citizens who are working to recover from the crisis. Children and women lined the streets to ask for water, food, and also money. We sends aid staple food and medicine to the affected communities in the City of Bogo.

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